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Check out what’s being said about us, and see why your pet should be training with us, too.


“Katelynn completely transformed my Siberian Husky! I would never trust him without a leash and he would only listen to me if there was treat in my hand. Two weeks with her and I haven’t used a leash since I got him back! Still my sweet and playful puppy just with manners and obedience now! I can’t thank Katelynn enough!”

-Kaycie Cornelius

Ray Ray


“My daughter and I were very impressed with the excellent training our Australian Shepherd received! Katelynn is an awesome trainer who sincerely cares for her clientele - human and canine. Our dog is an emotional support dog for my daughter so it is imperative that she is well behaved in public. Through the two week intensive training with Katelynn our Aussie succeeded beyond our belief! Thank you Katelynn for your superb training skills! We now have no worries taking her with us in public-she is well behaved! I can’t say enough about Katelynn! Thank you!”

-Debbie Kvist



“Katelynn went above and beyond with my dog. We did the 2 week board and train. When I dropped him off he was pulling on a leash, was not following through with commands, sleeping out of a crate, and reactive on a leash towards other dogs. He now walks BEAUTIFULLY in a heeled position, listens to commands extremely well and is doing much better on a leash when he sees other dogs in public. He is also now more comfortable in a crate. Katelynn continues to work with me as much as I want after our two week board and train to ensure I am comfortable handling my dog. My dog has a better life because of training. I am able to do more with him and I can tell it makes him so happy. I have NO complaints!”

-Natalie Bikulege



“We sent our 7 Month old German Shepherd puppy to Katelynn for 2 weeks and I couldn’t be happier. The daily updates were great but you could really tell that she actually cares about the pups she works with. He’s still the same goofball but he knows when it’s time to work and when it’s time to focus. Again, we couldn’t be happier.”

-Rose Brock



“Incredible. Amazing. Unbelievable. We dropped off a rowdy, hyper, non-listening dog. What we got back was a well mannered, controllable, calm, good listening family pet. He’s still the same goofy and happy pup, but now he is so enjoyable to be with. He now gets to go along with us everywhere we go and join in on all of our family time! Our trainer Katelynn was incredible. She gave us plenty of updates and was always in communication with us. She was super accommodating and she truly cares for her dogs! We are forever grateful for Katelynn!”

-Sara Staley



“Katelynn trained our 2 dogs for 2 weeks and we are amazed at the difference. We wish we had done the training earlier and definitely will next time we get a new dog. She sent us unbelievable updates each day and we had a family member who witnessed her training the dogs in downtown Greenville. He couldn’t believe it was our dogs and was very impressed. I would highly recommend Katelynn for a positive training experience!”

-Rebecca Brancatti

Lili and Luke


“Katelynn was just as patient with me as she was with our headstrong pup! It was a bit of a challenge for me to learn a new method of training but she quickly answered my questions once I was on my own and then met us for a follow up a few weeks later. Knowing I can call her at any time is fantastic. I highly recommend!”

-Sara Harward



“Katelynn was amazing! There was no doubt when I dropped my chocolate lab off that he would be fine with her for the 2 weeks of training. I got video updates (and lots of good pictures) everyday with his progress. He is like a completely different dog, in a good way!! He is stilly my goofy boy, but he LISTENS. I can not believe the difference two weeks makes! I would, and have, recommended Katelynn to anyone!”

-Summer Epps



“I was having trouble training my very smart but very stubborn German shepherd puppy. Katelynn explained the board and train program over the phone, and my 10 month old puppy spent two weeks with her over the holidays. I received daily updates on her progress, often with videos. I had been a little nervous about the e-collar, but Denali looked so happy to be working with Katelynn that I felt good about my decision. Denali is much happier at home and has much more freedom in the house because she listens so well. She is also calmer around the cats so they are more accepting of her. I can take her out in public now too without worrying about her behavior. Plus working her in the yard is fun for both of us. Thank you Katelynn from both me and Denali!”

-Keri Tabb



“Katelynn was a miracle worker with my sweet puppy! She helped her like the camera and have all the basic training I didn’t know how to teach her. She sent daily updates with pictures of videos! Thank you so much for all your help!”

-Marie Marie Endicott



“We sent our 10 month old Bernadoodle off for the 2 week training camp. She did amazing! We’re so happy with her results. Katelynn, her trainer, was so sweet and friendly from beginning to end. She sent us pictures and videos everyday showing us Sophie’s improvements. What an amazing, well behaved and fun dog we now have. She was great before, but needed help showing her how to control her energy. We highly recommend Katelynn for any training needs you have. Great job!”

-Jason Dickson



“More than satisfied with our experience! We brought Katelynn a high-energy, undisciplined puppy and were amazed at the transformation that took place in the 2 weeks of board and train. Our dog can now integrate into our young family in a disciplined, controlled way that reduces stress for everyone. He will be a great family pet! Katelynn was excellent to work with. We were kept well-informed through the process. There was never a doubt that our pet was in very capable hands.”

-Rachel Jackson


“I can’t share enough of how pleased I am. I have the cutest little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Briggs. He is 9 months old, spoiled, and SASSY! Katelynn was Briggs’ trainer for the two week boarding package. I was so hesitant to leave him until I met Katelynn. SHE WAS FABULOUS !!! I’m not sure Briggs wanted to leave her! He is like a different dog—-same sassy personality, but obedient! I am so pleased! We continue to practice the commands daily, and Katelynn checks in on us often!! She answers my questions and is so willing to help with anything I need with Briggs. She loved him like one of her own pets! And her daily pics and videos made the two weeks away from Briggs a little easier for me!”

-Tracy Brandt



“I now have two capable and responsive off leash Huskies thanks to Kate! I am more confident that I can take my pups on adventures but still keep them out of unnecessary trouble! Kate was excellent in keeping me informed throughout our 2-week board and train program. Her love of animals really showed in how she helped me understand my dogs’ behaviors/reactions, and how best to work with them.”

-Heather Wiquist

Apollo and Nova


“I am totally amazed at the transformation Katelynn did with my 5 month old labradoodle, Lucy! We dropped her off for the 1week board and train as a very timid and unconfident little pup and got her back a different doodle! Katelynn did an amazing job with her! The update videos that she sends of her progress throughout her stay are awesome as well! I feel like she treated my sweet girl like her own! She made sure that we were comfortable with all of the commands before we brought her home and she is always willing to help even after training! Thanks again, Katelynn!! We are beyond pleased!!!”

-Regina Huskey



“Our experience with Katelynn was nothing short of amazing! We had our 1 year old goldendoodle trained by Kate, and she kept us informed and up to date on our dog’s progress the entire time she was away. The 1st day alone our dog had so much growth! Now, it’s been a year since training, and the process still works! When we picked our dog up to bring her home, Kate even spent time with my 9 year old helping him feel comfortable leading our dog as well! Definitely recommend!!”

-Morgan Dorriety



“We had the absolute best experience with Katelynn. She was so great with our Wally and he is the better for it. In just one week our Wally became a very attentive and well behaved dog. We were very happy with everything. We we also given instruction on how to continue the training.”

-Pete Cummings



“Katelynn is a fabulous trainer and a joy to work with. She took our ten month old wild whippet, Phoebe, and turned her into a different little girl. Phoebe was the type of dog who would literally pull my wife down as she chased squirrels or anything else that captured her attention. After two weeks with Katelynn she is now a dog that heels and is calm on walks through our neighborhood. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone needing a dog trainer.”

-Jimmy Jones



“We took our 8 month old labradoodle to Katelynn and were extremely satisfied. You couldn't ask for anyone more trusting to have training your dog. We did the 1 week training which so far seems like the perfect amount for our dog. I highly recommend her for superior dog training.”

-Bill Howell



“Training was the absolute best decision we ever made for our pup. We purchased the 8 session program— Our trainer, Katelynn, gave us the structure and guidance to give our Lab what he was missing and becoming his best self. Mac, our 1 year Labrador Retriever, has a huge personality and lacked structure. Coming into training we were told by another training facility that our dog was “hopeless” and it would be 2-4 years before he ever calms down and listens. Katelynn helped guide us with all basic commands and assured us that Mac was not hopeless and encouraged his fun personality. Mac wasn’t able to walk beside on leash and had selective hearing when given any commands. Now, Mac is a changed puppers, but still is his fun self! If you’re considering training please know that you get what you put in. Take the time to train yourself and your dog and the work will show. Highly recommended, and worth every single cent.”

-Rachel Garcia



“Rocky has been fantastic since being home. I'm really impressed with the work Katelynn did with him. Katelynn is a keeper and will be the reason I recommend this company to anyone who ask me about my dog's training. He is very obedient. I will personally want to recommend Katelynn for her personality and skills, he appeared well-cared-for and healthy upon his return. Thanks a million!”

-Willie Washington



“Katelynn did an absolutely fantastic job! Our sweet Bruce came back a completely new dog. We can now go on walks with out a leash and everyone is so impressed by his skills. He can and still does do an extended sit and down until we release him, comes when called, and can be directed to his place at any time. It's really fantastic to have such a well behaved dog. Worth every single penny! Hard to believe it all happened in just 2 weeks. Katelynn was extremely communicative during training and sent us pictures and videos every day during his stay with her. After training, she did a really good job teaching us how to continue working with Bruce. She continues to follow up after training and we are able to text her anytime we have a question, and loves getting pictures and videos of Bruce. 10/10!”

-Alexandra Bylenga



“We took our dog at 5 months old, which is the minimum age. Katelynn did an amazing job. We did the two week program, so Katelynn sent us pictures and videos every day. Our dog completed his training 3 months ago and he is even better at following his commands then when he first returned home. Not only did Katelynn teach our dog extremely well, she also gave us tips on how to add more commands. We could not be more pleased.”

-Lee Shinn


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